Tiens international company business plan

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Tiens international company business plan

Highest paying plan in the world: No Monthly or bi-Monthly targets, No Re-qualifications. BV accumulates every month. NO-Monthly flushout of BV like some companies. Is a truely International Co. The founder and President of Tianshi Mr. Tianshi sky lion has entered your sky on its global quest to bring you its unique range of high quality health and personal care products.

Joining Tianshi as a Distributor means discovering the secret of health and wealth. As a Distributor, you will benefit from the support, resources and assistance of Tianshi, a major player in the international market place. Together, we can help you achieve health, business success and wealth with pride.

Tianshi invites you to open this door start benefiting from today. By becoming a Tianshi Distributor you derive income from six sources: Your sponsor will have the experience in the business to be able to assist you as well. You need to attend regular meetings and training sessions that will equip you to build your business.

The marketing plan section of your Tianshi Business manual is divided into the following parts: Status qualification and bonus: This section explains the various bonuses and qualifying conditions starting at the entry level of One Star Distributor up to Eight star Distributor.

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Leadership Qualification and Bonus: Additional areas of income are available to you once attain the status level of five star Distributor. This section explains the leader ship bonuses and qualification conditions from five star Distributor up to Eight star Distributor.

Honorary qualification and Bonus: Once you have attained the status level of bronze lion Distributor, the company offers a recognition program that allows you to share in the global sales of the company.

tiens international company business plan

This section explains the qualifying and bonus structure from the status level of Bronze lion up to the top level of Honorary Director. Auto Personal consumption plan: This section explain how distributors can apply for monthly auto personal consumption and get bonuses on their various generations of Down line Distributors.

Five exciting incentives are explained in this section.In association with. The Biggest Business Event in Europe! The Business Show is here to progress YOUR business.

Packed full of the very best speakers, features, innovations, education and opportunities in the business world; the event is dedicated to guiding startups, SMEs and large corporations on their business journey.


Tiens Group Co. Ltd.('Tiens Group'), founded in by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, is a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business, etc. Tiens Group entered the international market in Learn how you can present the business opportunity to your network, how to action plan your Goals & Dreams and how you can achieve success with Tiens.

5* & 6* Training: You now achieving the next level, so time to take the next steps on your training course with Tiens. Today, we’re going to list the top 25 MLM Companies in China.. There are those who think multilevel marketing is illegal in China.

The fact is: they are mistaken. There are certain procedures that must be followed, but MLM is alive and well in China. The United States is a land of opportunity for many, including companies headquartered in other countries.

Peru-based cosmetics direct seller Belcorp is one that has chosen to make something of it. Our clients enjoy rich varieties of top DMC services in central Europe.

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