The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity

Gunawardhana, Wiley Rein, LLP If you have turned on the television, read the news, or listened to the radio recently, you have heard that cybersecurity threats are something we all have to be concerned about. We often hear about large retailers victimized by a data breach that affects tens of millions of consumers, whose personal financial information is stolen. But these threats extend beyond personal financial data.

The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity

Videos Ten Ways Evolving Technology Affects Cybersecurity The ever-evolving digital age affects cybersecurity more than most people realize. The rate of cybercrimes has grown exponentially and is consistent with the growth of technology. As technology expands and develops, so do the cybercrimes that are committed.

Fortunately, as technology has advanced, so has the ability to seek out cybercrimes before they happen and protect people when they occur. Here are ten ways developing technology has changed cybersecurity: Corporate Security Breaches The majority of these corporate security breaches occur when hackers exploit employees through social engineering and scams.

With advancements in technology, hackers are becoming more skilled at finding holes and cracks in corporate security systems and can gain access to protected files and data, posing a significant cybersecurity threat. Unfortunately, may be a record year for corporate security breaches.

10 Ways Evolving Technology Affects Cybersecurity

Spear Phishing Unlike regular phishing emails that target random people, culprits who normally lead spear phishing scams are seeking information for monetary gain; business secrets or private information.

Spear phishing occurs when hackers target employees through emails that appear to be from colleagues within their own organizations, allowing cyber criminals to steal personal information.

With the progressive technology available today, hackers are able to send emails to employees disguised as others within the company — making this a substantial cybersecurity risk. Cyber criminals are increasingly using social media to engage in identity theft schemes, and entice individuals to download malicious codes or reveal passwords.

Experienced hackers can easily hack into users social media accounts and later use that information to venture into your personal email account, work email account and banking information. Some of this information can reveal just enough for a hacker to find the opportunity and steal your identity online.

Social Media Security Breaches Not only do social media sites give hackers access to personal information, some sites can also share your exact whereabouts at any point in time. And if someone knows where you are — they also know where you are not.

Any number of people can easily tell where you are, and at what time of day by logging into the social network and looking at your profile. The indicator that you are away from home base can put your valuables and safety at risk.

The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity

As mobile technology is continuously emerging, so are mobile cybersecurity threats. Currently, 45 percent of cell phone owners have smartphoneswhich hold more data than the older alternative models.

As many mobile devices can be plugged into computers to be charged, sharing charging ports with others can create malware issues for many different devises. Data has Gone Digital Hard copy information is increasingly less common — practically everything is digital these days. Though often protected by a password, most information is stored on a shared network.

As a result, a hacker could gain access to the network and obtain valuable information that could put individuals or businesses at risk. As more businesses shift to cloud computing and save documents and information to cloud networks poses an additional cybersecurity risk.Mobile devices pose biggest cybersecurity threat to the enterprise, report says Increasingly common consumer mobile devices open up the enterprise to all sorts of cybersecurity threats.

The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber Security Essay

However, this trend has been accompanied by huge concerns because of the impact of the use of mobile devices on cyber security. Despite the significant benefits associated with the increased use of mobile devices, they generate new cyber security issues including heightened financial risks, loss of company data, and non-compliance issues.

Question Synthesis Essay (sometimes called a Literature Review) Topic: The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cybersecurity. Writing Assignment #3 will be a synthesis essay, a format that is sometimes referred to as a literature review.

Jul 20,  · What delineates the medical device environment from other networked environments is the potential detrimental impact on patient safety that exploitation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities may have.

To shift the protection of medical devices to more mainstream cybersecurity protection will require the acceptance of medical devices as standard connections in the implementation of a network. (The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity) The final sentence will be a thesis statement arguing for further research in specific areas.

Body section of paragraphs. This section would describe any one of, or a combination of, the following. Synthesis Essay (sometimes called a Literature Review) Topic: The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cybersecurity.

Writing Assignment #3 will be a synthesis essay, a format that is sometimes referred to as a literature review.

The Impact Of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities On Mobile Medical Applications