The effect of study abroad on first year college students academic achievement essay

It also has a reputation for producing excellent results and the open day gave me a really good impression. I played for the College Hockey team and captained it in my second year. What would you say to anyone thinking about coming to the College?

The effect of study abroad on first year college students academic achievement essay

Of the 14, surveys received by alumni, more than 3, were returned-- a strong response rate of 23 percent. Until now, very few research efforts have been made in the field of international education to determine quantitatively the long-term impact of study abroad on its participants.

The following offers firsthand, statistical information, illustrating the profound and long-lasting difference that study abroad makes in the lives of its participants. John Irving, author of books such as The Cider House Rules and The World According to Garp, once wrote, "My year [of study abroad] was the single-most important year of my education, or perhaps more broadly, my growing up You too can reap the benefits of study abroad and maybe even one day find your own fame.

For the majority of alumni respondents, stepping outside of their own cultures to live and study in a foreign country influenced their careers and educational choices, launched lifelong pursuits, increased cultural tolerance and understanding and facilitated lasting friendships.

Ignite your Education After studying abroad, most students never view their education in the same way again.

A powerful experience, it often influences subsequent educational endeavors, including the decision to pursue higher degrees.

More than 52 percent of respondents indicated that they had achieved a post-graduate degree, compared to the 9 percent of U. Americans obtaining graduate degrees as reported by the U.

More than 80 percent of respondents agreed that studying abroad had enhanced their interest in academic study. Study abroad students return home with a greater vigor for academic pursuits and a renewed interest in lifelong learning. Nearly 63 percent of students said that the experience had influenced their decisions to expand or change their academic majors.

In fact, nearly 90 percent of students indicated that their experiences abroad had influenced all their subsequent educational experiences.

The effect of study abroad on first year college students academic achievement essay

I always encourage my undergraduate students to consider including study abroad in their academic plans, since I know what a difference it has made in my own life. Nearly 35 percent of the students who studied a foreign language abroad still use a language other than English on a regular basis twice a month.

Spanish was cited as the most commonly used language, followed by French and German. Launch your Career Listing a study abroad experience on your resume can also enhance your chances for job success.

Having taken this initiative not only says something about your academic achievements, but also about your personal ambition and determination. More and more employers are seeking out culturally aware and experienced employees who can work effectively in an increasingly global workplace. Our statistics show that the influence of study abroad on future career goals and choices is profound, especially for those students who participated in an internship while abroad.

Martin for a master? The international experiences have been a driving force in my design and career.? Internships are an unrivaled way to experience local culture in the workplace and to improve foreign language skills, as well as to diversify your work experience.

Of the students who responded that they had interned while abroad, 70 percent agreed that the experience had sparked an interest in a career direction they ended up pursuing after their experiences abroad. It is becoming increasingly popular to intern while abroad.

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Eight out of ten students who had interned abroad said that they had acquired skill sets that influenced their future career paths, such as working for a multi-national organization, getting a job overseas or volunteering internationally.

A political science lecture in Madrid about U. Eighty-two percent of alumni said that they had developed a more sophisticated way of looking at the world as a result of studying abroad.

These same individuals were more likely to seek out a greater diversity of friends, and long after their study abroad experiences have ended, they are still finding that it affects their life choices and values.

Additionally, students who study abroad acquire a unique set of skills that distinguish them as future world leaders? Although change and living in a foreign culture can be overwhelming at times, it can also put into motion significant personal growth.

More than 96 percent of students surveyed indicated that they believe study abroad increased their self-confidence. Over 97 percent said the experience enabled them to learn something new about themselves and served as a catalyst for increased maturity.

It has allowed me the ability to view the world and its issues from several perspectives. Secondly, the friendships I made in Vienna, with both Americans and Viennese, remain some of my most cherished relationships.

No matter how much time has passed, many of the friendships alumni formed abroad still remain strong. More than 52 percent still keep in touch with friends they made while abroad. Four percent of all respondents even married someone they met while abroad. Participants also found that their host countries made a powerful enough impression on them that nearly 60 percent of those surveyed have returned to the country where they studied, many visiting not only friends but the host families they lived with while abroad.

I will say that my host family truly made my experience memorable. The impact and influence of a study abroad experience is clearly dynamic and far-reaching. What is hard to quantify, however, is not how study abroad changes an individual, but how the world benefits from those who study abroad.

Alumni responses to the survey indicated that they are involved in a myriad of different vocations and activities that in many ways directly relate to their study abroad experiences—alumni are making a difference teaching English in China, working for an environmental agency on the island of Kyushu, returning to their study abroad locations each year with a group of high school students and completing a masters degree at the University of Bath.beginning of study abroad as an academic program officially recognized by an American university.

It turns out that the experience was a huge success and word of the program First, students in the American year abroad would detract from the student’s progressive professional studies, thereby.

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