Position analysis of ikea

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Position analysis of ikea

Position analysis of ikea

Though it started as an online bookstore, its success in its venture spurred it to diversify into selling anything that can be sold online. Further, Amazon has also expanded globally and now operates around the world through a combination of localized portals and globalized delivery and logistics platforms.

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The way in which Amazon has leveraged technology as a source of competitive advantage and reaped the benefits of the economies of scale in addition to leveraging the synergies between its internal resources and external drivers has spawned many rivals who aim to imitate and better its business model.

Apart from this, the key themes in this article are that the strategic alternatives that have been presented and recommended must follow the principle of them being complementary and supplementary to its core competencies. Finally, this article also suggests that Amazon must target the growing mobile commerce segment if it has to maintain its market leadership position.

This strategy is based on leveraging technological capabilities for business success and following a cost leadership strategy aimed at offering the maximum value for its customers at the lowest price in addition to wrapping its business around the customers wherein they find Amazon to be the go-to portal for their online shopping needs.

• Number of employees of the IKEA Group worldwide , by function | Statistic

Continuing the discussion, the generic business strategy followed by Amazon can be explained using The Ansoff matrix as represented pictorially in the figure above. Amazon is placed in the Overall Cost Leadership quadrant and its relentless focus on costs is the key to understanding its overall strategy.

The specific measures taken by Amazon in pursuit of this strategy include steep discounts for is regular members through the Amazon Prime program, ensuring timely and even express delivery and at times, waiving off the shipping charges, passing on the benefits of avoiding state taxes to the customers thereby lowering the price even further, and an overall strategy based on making the customer experience as seamless and as smooth as possible.

Further, Amazon uses Big Data Analytics as a tool to map consumer behavior. Indeed, Big Data has been embraced to such an extent by the company that it is now in a position to market this as another service offering.

Anyone who has shopped on Amazon encounters a list of recommended products that are picked according to the browsing history and the mapping of their purchases with that of likely purchases in the future.

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This has meant that Amazon can sense and intuit what consumers want and tailor its strategies accordingly. As mentioned throughout this article, Amazon uses technology to the fullest, which is not surprising considering it is after all an internet-based company.

Further, its focus on cost reduction at the expense of product differentiation means that its products are available on other portals as well and there is no product line that is exclusive or unique to it.

For instance, except for its movies and other digital items, the other product lines are all not in the category of those that provide this gratification to the customers. Apart from that, its focus on non-retail product lines such as cloud based services means that it is addressing the issue of differentiation as well as its overreliance on cost leadership.

Having said that, the need of the hour for Amazon is to sustain its growth rates and maintain the momentum. Further, a worrying factor for the company is that it has not made profits in many of the quarters over the last three years. Finally, Amazon needs to adopt a Glocal approach in its international markets wherein it adapts its Global business model with that of its Local delivery and logistics supply chain.

This would indeed create a globalized business value chain wherein anyone anywhere can buy products anytime and every time. In conclusion, the future looks bright for Amazon and if it continues to focus on its core competencies and at the same time expands its global value chain, there is no reason why it cannot maintain its market leadership.SABMiller’s wide geographical presence and extensive brand portfolio should make the company less susceptible to market volatility.

However, when looking deeper into the structure of SABMiller, it is exposed to threats that may undermine its long-term strategy.

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This is IKEA International Group SWOT analysis in IKEA SWOT analysis ; Strengths Weaknesses; Customer knowledge; inability to offer better quality more customized products allows its competitors to fill that niche and fortify their position in it.

Opportunities. This statistic depicts the number of employees of the IKEA Group worldwide in , broken down by function. In that year, the number of employees at IKEA with retail functions amounted to , Strategic Management 1 | Assignment 2 | The purpose of this paper is to conduct a position analysis of the IKEA Corporation.

It presents a profile of the company operations, identifies its strategic issues and challenges and analyses strategies which it has contributed to it gaining a competitive advantage.

The position analysis will apply a pestle analysis, capabilities analysis, resource based view analysis, swot analysis and porters five forces along with IKEA’s strategic issues and solutions to these issues. The art and science of shooting a basketball covers the fundamentals of improving your basketball shot - basketball shooters mechanics, form, style, practice, ball gripe, stance, concentration, confidence, timing, and shot selection.

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