Marketing case study on dunkins donut

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks both have their own unique flavors of coffee.

Marketing case study on dunkins donut

Marketing case study on dunkins donut

Proud to have things to do and places to go Don't worry about fitting in Based on customer feedback and market differentiation, "this brand was not blue collar, but had a blue collar soul," said Luther.

Whatever quick, delicious, pick-me-up they need, whenever they need it. The transformation was crowned with the tagline "America Runs on Dunkin'.

Marketing Coach - Brand Transformation: Dunkin' Donuts

In the past few years, new items have been created to be flavorful, well-priced and popular. Food innovations have included the steak and cheese breakfast sandwich, supreme omelet sandwich, waffle breakfast sandwich, and a line of flatbread sandwiches.

In the beverage category the menu expansion began with a hot espresso platform, extending to iced lattes, smoothies, and iced and hot coffee in numerous flavors. The DDSmart menu is Dunkin's entry into the health and wellness space. They have 12 items under calories. While Luther doesn't expect those items to be big sellers in the short run, he feels it is a segment that can't be ignored and has promise for the future.

Luther has pursued a green agenda, but can't shake their styrofoam cups. Luther has heard from commuter customers that the alternatives do not have the stability or ability to hold heat as the real thing.

He hopes and expects to find a substitute eventually. While DD restaurants have opened at a rate of per year sincestrategic partnerships have helped establish the brand in markets without stores.

DD is JetBlue's in-flight coffee of choice.

Marketing case study on dunkins donut

It is hard to believe that DD's top coffee market is California -- where they don't have a single store! DD has dabbled with social media and according to Luther, found that while it isn't having an impact on sales, it is proving to be a valuable contributor to increasing brand awareness, especially in markets without stores.

Dunkin' Donuts Today 1 coffee and bakery chain in the world 1 in bagels sales 1 in coffee, flavored coffee, iced coffee 2 in breakfast sandwiches The DD customer experience is focused on research indicating that speed and accuracy are what DD customers expect with each order; so, Luther's team has worked with its franchises to provide training, and in the tough economy has focused more intensively on operations excellence.

With stores and product distribution worldwide, DD has made its entry into the global "quick quality" restaurant and coffee sales arenas in a big way. Luther says that their brand identity is generally consistent globally and that their innovation is how they adapt their bakery and beverage products to the local market.

In Asia bakery goods are adapted to local tastes and ingredients, with mochi in Japan and more green tea in China and Singapore. The coffee blend is stronger in markets such as Turkey, Chile and Spain.


They are taking their time to enter each market with an innovative and long term strategy; it took one and one-half years to get into China, now with 30 DD stores. With the sluggish economy, DD's advertising has endeavored to boost consumer morale with their "You 'Kin Do It" campaign.

That coupled with reallocating funding to product development and promotions, such as the addition of new, better-priced e. Throughout all this, Luther and his company are constantly monitoring the competition in the U. They are cautious as Canada's Tim Horton's restaurants are coming to northern border states and putting up a new competitive fight.

And, as for the folks in green, Luther says that DD's overall strategy is to get out in front with what they feel their customers want and have others chase them. ICCC helps companies build reputations and differentiate in a competitive market. To find out how ICCC might help your company contact ivy ivycohen.In addition, there is a confidence in marketing as much as maintaining the top spot by far the confectionery industry, also the ability of marketing, it is world-class standards.

Case Study: Dunkin' Donuts Global Marketing Initiative - Thailand -

In the second Weakness surface, recognition of the donut is high, awareness of Dunkin coffee is insufficient. MGT Group Case Study Report (Dunkin Donuts) Dunkin' Donuts Marketing Campaign Strategy The original Dunkin’ Donuts experience was a single cup of coffee with a donut – today it offers a wide range of coffee.

bagels. It is still using the original proprietary coffee blend recipe established by its Donuts Marketing Plan 1/5(1). Case Study: See the before and after of an entrepreneur’s successful website redesign Learn the reason behind the changes and discover the transformative impact from using a rigorous process to get there.

Marketing-Case Study on Dunkins Donut Essay Presentation on Case Study Topic • Dunkin’s Donut Group of Member Yelly Yong (YE – ) Heather Dyi (YE – ) Intan Arniesa (YE - Patrick Laing (YE – Dunkin’ Donut attracts customers in large part because of three key feature f its offering – quality, variety and affordability.

The company pride itself on quality which makes freshness doughnut and coffee. Instagram and Branding: A Case Study of Dunkin’ Donuts by Kally A.

Lavoie — 83 Brand as product, the first element of brand identity in Figure 3, represents the role of product in building a consumer’s association with a brand.

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