Malcom xs a homemade education essay

Malcolm came to learn more by teaching himself than by relying on others to educate him.

Malcom xs a homemade education essay

His father was a Baptist minister and a strong devotee of the Black leader Marcus Garvey. As a result, his many brothers and sisters were split up and put into different foster homes.

Malcolm left school early and eventually drifted North and finally settled in Harlem, New York, on his own, at the age of In Harlem, he soon slipped into a life of crime.

He became involved in hustling, in prostitution, in drug dealing. He became a cocaine addict and a burglar. Finally, at the ripe old age of 19, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

It was while he was in prison that his whole life changed. He first learned of the existence of the Honourable Elijah Mohammed and of the movement known as the Black Muslims from his brothers and sisters outside the prison.

They had become converts to the movement and asked Malcolm to write to Elijah Mohammed. I was trying to make it both legible and understandable. He became extremely frustrated at not being able to express what he wanted to convey in letters that he wrote.

His ability to read books was severely hampered. He got himself a dictionary and began painstakingly copying every entry. It took him a day to do the first page. He would copy it all out and then read back aloud what he had written.

He began to remember the words and what they meant. He was fascinated with the knowledge that he was gaining. Over a period of time he finished copying out the whole dictionary.

Malcom xs a homemade education essay

Malcolm regarded the dictionary as a miniature encyclopedia. He learned about people and animals, about places and history, philosophy and science. Fortunately, there was a light on the landing outside his particular cell and once his eyes got accustomed to the glow, he was able to sit on the floor by the cell door and continue his reading.

He found that the guards would come around once every hour so that when he heard their footsteps approaching, he would rush back to his bunk until they had gone past and pretend to be asleep.

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As soon as they had gone, he would be back by the door reading. This would continue until three or four every morning. Malcolm read and read and read. He devoured books on history and was astounded at the knowledge he obtained about the history of black civilizations throughout the world.Ultimately, as this thesis statement for “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and Frederick Douglass narratives makes clear, both Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X convey how crucial the processes of learning how to read and write were to their personal development and the definition of their social consciousness and their role in the abolition and civil rights movements, respectively.

Essay The Autobiography of Malcolm X - The Famous advocate famously known as Malcolm X was once called Malcolm Little. Malcolm Little grew up in a little farm town close to Omaha, Nebraska.

Malcolm Little was his slave name so after his freedom he dropped little and added the X. The X was associated with an unknown identity. In "A Homemade Education," Malcolm X uses personal anecdotes and language to describe the wrong-doing of the "white man" and situational irony to establish credibility and effectively enlighten the audience of the importance of gaining an education and to rise above illiteracy to fight against the "white man." 1.

Malcom X's A Homemade Education Essay Words | 3 Pages. Malcom X's A Homemade Education Malcom X's "A Homemade Education" tells a story of how he gained knowledge by himself and how it guided his thoughts and ideas.

Malcolm X: Homemade education Background of argument Exigency Context Method Key terms Main Points and Evidence Malcolm X had a strong desire to express his emotions and ideas and he needed an education to this. He was very motivated to gain knowledge.

"When I had progressed to really serious reading, every night at about ten P.M. Check out our top Free Essays on Malcolm X Rhetorical Analysis Learning To Read to help you write your own Essay This I Believe of Malcom X.

Essay. lives. Schools need to change. “Homemade Education” by Malcolm X is a great example to describe the process that reading changes author’s life.

Reading Response “Homemade Education” Essay Example for Free