La migra poem essay

There are several hyphens: These hyphens can symbolize that she is divided between the American and the Mexican culture. This division between the cultures is also the overall theme of the poem.

La migra poem essay

Interpretation of the poem The author of the poem Gloria Anzaldua is infamously a Chicana form the state of Texas. She does not give excuses for being the way she is. She means to tell the world of her pride for belonging to such a small and tiny cultural practice. Her parents were immigrant in the earlier years of the century.

The borderland is a narration of the convergence of multicultural and the search for an identity. She was however educated in the Anglo culture. She was not able to conform to society as she was not exposed to the same.

The borderland is also a description of the area that the author grew up in Mexico- the Texas border. The area is home to a multitude of persons that have no defined culture and identity. The borderland is also an emotional and metaphoric description of a space that significantly influences the author.

She has had to reject dualities in her life and leant to tolerate differences and ambiguity Paredes The author feels that is not appropriate to fix our mind to see things as either white or black. She has faith that people can gain a lot more by changing their perspective on how their view other who are different from them.

The author gives a description of herself and other living on the borderland as being of a unique blend of five races. They are always feeling out of place even while in their homeland of America.

She compares life as a mestiza as that of being of a person that transcends borders, as having no sense of belonging. She claims to be transcending the cultures, genders, and races.

The poem gives a vivid description of what it is like to survive the crossroads or the borderlands. It is a powerful poem as it exposes to readers a new paradigm Michael 4.

La migra poem essay

The new self perspective is that of having so much in oneself yet being proud of none of them. The poem walks readers through many cultures and histories. Culture and races The author also talks about mixing of different culture and races.

It can be explained as many cultures being melted into a single pot to come up with one culture that cuts across. The author uses food as a symbol of mixing of different cultures in America.

Chile, borscht, and whole wheat tortillas are foods that emanate from different places. At the borderlands, they are all consumed together.In “La Migra” the subject of the poem is a border patrol agent. While the agent can hear the author speaking in Spanish the agent cannot understand what is being said.

This is the interesting part of both poems to me since the author of each poem is the same. lives and works in London, Berlin and L.A.

EDUCATION B.A., Courtauld Institute of Art, London Lincoln-Seligmann Art Prize, Harrow School. In the poem “La Migra” the author, Pat Mora, describes a terrible situation between a border patrol officer and a female Mexican immigrant.

The poem illustrates an immigration officer who abuses his authority against a young Mexican girl. The author uses a stanza to display each side of the. Custom Pat Mora's Artistic Work Essay Pat Mora’s artistic work often emanated from her geographical surroundings.

This is a region which extends from Mexico and creates a common bond between nations of diverse cultures. Analysis of Pat Mora's "La Migra" Pat Mora's "La Migra" is a poem presenting two speakers, one female and one male, who are playing the game "La Migra" which means "border patrol agents".

Mora creates a snapshot of the dangers of living near the Mexican border through the narrators' "game". Searching for La Migra Essay essays? Find free la migra essay essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, essay topics, college essays, argumentative essays.

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