Just in time inventory systems essay

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Just in time inventory systems essay

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Pros & Cons of the JIT Inventory System | regardbouddhiste.com Examples of just in timeor JIT, inventory processes are found in automobile manufacturing, drop shipping retailers, fast food restaurant production and on-demand publishing.

JIT is an inventory-management system that aims to help businesses have just enough inventory readily available to meet current demand while avoiding excess. There are many pros and cons for a small business to consider before adopting a JIT system. Indeed, though it is certainly not a small business, Walmart probably uses JIT better than any company on Earth, says Panmore Institute.

It's called a "cross-docking system," says Panmore: Walmart's trucks literally "cross-dock" with supplier trucks and deliver goods straight to stores, just in time for employees to stock the shelves of depleted items.

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It may be one of the world's most efficient just-in-time systems. But, a just-in-time inventory system is not exactly what it seems. There are many misconceptions about what JIT is, and a small business would do well to weigh the pros and cons before adopting this complex inventory system.

Pros Companies like to use JIT because it can be a more cost-efficient method of keeping merchandise in stock, says Babington, a British firm that offers professional training courses.

JIT minimizes the amount of time that you need to keep merchandise in your warehouse. Babington notes that the specific advantages of JIT are that it: Requires less warehouse space: This reduces the amount of storage your small business needs to rent or buy, freeing up funds for other parts of the business.

A faster turnaround of stock prevents goods becoming damaged or obsolete while sitting in storage, reducing waste.

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Requires a smaller investment: Entrepreneur Depot adds that JIT has the added benefits of allowing you to maintain a flexible workforce. Having workers who are trained in other areas of the manufacturing process — and not just in maintaining the logistics of a warehouse bulging with inventory — allows you to move workers where they are needed most.

JIT also allows you to synchronize production schedules with demand, says the business website. In other words, you can likely reduce worker hours and labor costs that you would otherwise incur to managing an overstocked warehouse full time.

Just in time inventory systems essay

If there is no product in the warehouse until you need itthen there is no need to pay employees to watch and manage that merchandise until you actually need it. Cons But JIT systems are not all rosy and easily managed.

Entrepreneur Depot notes that JIT can leave you vulnerable to: JIT leaves manufacturers venerable to supply shocks. Both supply or demand shocks can cause a major problem in JIT. A large demand shock or a supply shock can lead to the inability to meet current demand.

In JIT, prices for parts involved in the production process are assumed to remain constant. Management must rethink the entire workflow of the company, from initial intake of raw materials to final output of finished product.

Supply-chain relationships require retooling that involves multiple suppliers, closer locations, or companies that can supply materials with little advance notice.The Risks of Being Just-In-Time The following is a guest article written by Nick Koletic, an economics specialist at UCLA.

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In addition to giving a brief background on Just-In-Time inventory system’s benefits, the article’s main focus is the risks that JIT systems face. Essay title: The Just-In-Time Inventory System Introduction The just-in-time (JIT) inventory system was developed in Japan after World War II, in an effort to control costs during fiscally challenging economic times (Waguespack and Cantor, ).

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Just in time inventory systems essay

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