How to write a formal letter of complaint to the municipality

I shall firstly consider the points in limine and thereafter the submissions on the merits. So, we were told, the appellant was in the final analysis not prejudiced.

How to write a formal letter of complaint to the municipality

These are all State of Georgia-related abbreviations: I have prepared a bunch of Exhibits that will be referenced in this article, and all those exhibits are located in this Google Drive feel free to download, view, or, in the case of the audio files, listen on your own computer: I have since added Exhibits, most of which are in a progression of the order of events, but there are a couple of exhibits Exhibit R and S that, time-wise, actually occurred before I obtained Exhibit I.

Thru a back-and-forth of emails, it was mutually agreed that Munn would call me on Friday, March 2 to address the issue of the ORR regarding the publishing contract. You can listen to the recording of that phone call via Exhibit D, an audio file of me talking to Munn. In this conversation, I learned two things in the World According to Munn: I also invited Munn to respond to any future ORR that if she thought the LG was a Member of the General Assembly, she would have to put that in writing audio evidence is always good…but so is written evidence was what my thinking was.

How to Write a Letter to the municipal commissioner Sample

Amazingly, Underwood did not respond to that ORR…as if to telepathically communicate to me: How do I know this? Because of Exhibit T in the Google drive that shows Mr.

Butler receiving reimbursement for a few things in relation to the Cagle Campaign. That is illegal, both in Georgia law, as well as the federal Hatch Act, which does apply to state elections, believe it or not. Munn ignored that ORR completely. I followed-up with her a week later.

She ignored that one as well.

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So, back to current-day activities… Exhibit R shows 3 emails: The first one is at the bottom, which is an email from me to AAG Colangelo, asking for the 2nd or 3rd time for her to get involved…and then her response to me is the middle email…and then the email at the top is actually my response to her email yeah, you have to read these emails in reverse order of presentation to understand things.

Neither is Casey Cagle.

how to write a formal letter of complaint to the municipality

Individual people working in these agencies are not immune from prosecution for violating the law. That is how one would correctly interpret and apply Rule 1.

But, whatever AAG Colangelo interpreted from my comments back to her, somehow she was able to convince Munn that it would be a good idea for Munn to relent to answering my ORR.

Written evidence Munn is a flaming moron.


What Munn delivered to me that next week via email provided what I believe to be probable-cause proof of Cagle using government resources to enrich himself personally, and engaging in felony theft of government resources to do so.

It is what happened after I filed that OIG Complaint that things got really weird, which I think you will find quite fascinating if not quite troubling. I called the OIG main number the next day to let them know that I had about 10 exhibits that their system did not allow me to upload, and I wanted to know how I could transmit them.

The lady told me to wait hours and someone would contact me, likely via email since I had filed it and put my contact email address on the Complaint. Now, during that call on that day, the connection was really bad, and I could barely hear her, and she could barely hear me.

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At some point I just offered to email the OIG directly, and she said that would be fine. I went to my copy of the complaint that the OIG system had emailed to me.

I hit the FWD button, and proceeded to write an email to the OIG email address, and happened to notice what was in the header information of the email I was forwarding, and I stopped cold in writing my email to OIG.

If you look at the very top of Exhibit L, you will see what I saw. What does that mean? Now, just to let you know, the purpose of the OIG was set-up, originally, to investigate complaints about people in the Executive Branch engaging in corruption. However, the plot thickens even more. On Monday, I called the OIG phone number again, again reached the Ga help desk, and this time the call was clear, and I left my name and number for someone with the OIG to call me back.

That afternoon I did receive a call. From someone named Joe Gray. You can hear this conversation via Exhibit M. He did not contact me back.

See Exhibit N for the contents of that email. Every response I had ever received had the signature of the person sending me the email. Not so this supposed email from the OIG. So, I sent back a response. I simply asked who am I talking to in that email.Sep 01,  · We all have problems with Toll Brothers and I was hoping to put our efforts together and maybe find enough people for class action against that giant who manage to get away with the accountability for ruing peoples lives all over the country.

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The HUDOC database provides access to the case-law of the Court (Grand Chamber, Chamber and Committee judgments and decisions, communicated cases, advisory opinions and legal summaries from the Case-Law Information Note), the European Commission of Human Rights (decisions and reports) and the Committee of Ministers (resolutions).

© South Armour Heights Residents' Association. 10The Municipality has a constitutional right and duty to raise revenue, inter alia, by imposing levies and rates on property within its area of jurisdiction, in order to enable it to provide services to the local turn, the members of the community have the right, amongst others, to access municipal services and the duty to pay promptly service fees, rates on property and other.

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