Handwriting analysis courses in kolkata

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Handwriting analysis courses in kolkata

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handwriting analysis courses in kolkata

Handwriting analysis or graphology is the art of interpreting the character form writing of an individual from their handwriting.

Writing reflects the character of a person like nothing else. Handwriting analysis neither foretells the future, nor does it reveal the past or reveals the gender or age. A page of writing can revel traits like intelligence, self-confidence, leadership qualities, phobia, ambitions, temperament, clarity of thinking, honesty, vocational guidance, stubborn, mood swings, sexual drives and much more.

Graphology is a science, which deals with the handwriting analysis. Handwriting is the psychological imprint of a person on a paper. It works because handwriting is the direct projection from brain. Graphology awakens the sub conscious, reviling the secret we keep hidden from ourselves.

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It give you an instant insight into the person who you are and can also help you to gain an understanding the personality of other people. No two handwritings are same. The writing of a person may change depending on the mood, but the key character formations remain constant.

Graphology handwriting analysis helps businessmen achieve more profits, students earn better rank and recognition. HRD managers can do better at recruiting the right personnel.

Individuals can attain success in their chosen fields and gain more self-confidence. Lawyers can evaluate the sincerity of their clients. It can also be of immense help in marriage guidance, and people from all walks of life can benefit immensely from this practical and growth oriented science.Basic Graphology Level is the most important level as it helps you to strengthen your Graphology roots.

This level includes Handwriting analysis and Basics of Signature Analysis. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

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Contribute Your Ideas (0) Login or Register to add your comment. News updates. Our Handwriting analysis and Graphotherapy also covers identification and healing of different problems such as: depression, anxiety,obsession,trauma,suicidal tendency,bi-polarity, aggression, anger, adolescent problems and the various possible existence of psychosomatic irregularities.

Word: Description Categorical Variable Categorical variables (or nominal variables) are those variables which have discrete qualitative values.

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For example, names of cities are categorical like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. graphology applied course (handwriting analysis) basic handwriting analysis course registered office: manihar apartment, flat a1.

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