Givers versus takers essay

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Givers versus takers essay

What will be will be good What will be will be fatalistic Gospel-Driven Givers And Takers Recognizing "Givers" and "Takers" can also make a remarkable difference in the world to the health of your church and your resulting style of leadership. Givers are specifically blessed by their gifted-ness, energy, and faith to strengthen, build, and, with the power of God, transform the church.

What makes givers so uniquely suited for this great task of renewal?

Plus Differences Between Givers vs Takers

There's a reason that the word "Givers" starts with a "G. Taker-Churches Though the listing above is far from exhaustive, the greatest attribute of Christian givers is that they are a living incarnation of the greatest Giver, Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "No man has greater love than this, than to give up his life for a friend.

Called by Christ's grace in His Word and through Baptism, we are called to be "givers," sacrificers, lovers, forgivers Churches blessed with givers rejoice in the Gospel, the growth of the church, and the one-by-one individual transformation of faith and servanthood which Jesus' gift of grace works in them.

On the other hand, churches dominated by takers may have all but snuffed out and smothered the presence of grace and the life-changing power of God in their presence. Conflict, infighting, subtle innuendo, distrust, and an on-going, chronic tendency toward ecclesiastical reductionism become nearly impossible for the preacher or any other leader to change.

Givers versus takers essay

The giver, seeing the taker's need, may cheerfully intervene. Very subtley a relationship between giver and taker can develop.

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Over time, the taker may become dependent on the giver's actions. The giver, enjoying the blessing of giving, may cross the line of giving into enjoyment.

It is when the giver enjoys giving too much that the danger arises. Ironically, the more the giver gives, the greater the disappointment the giver will receive. No matter how much counseling, intervention, help, support and teamwork one offers to the "nice" taker, the taker will eventually and inevitably reject the giver once the givers gift is no longer wanted, needed, or deemed important.

Givers Can Be Taken The "giver," bewildered, angered, confused, betrayed, and left "holding the bag," will feel they did something terribly wrong. Being givers, their first response is to look at what they gave. The toughest thing for the giver to accept is simply that they've been taken.

Often the best thing the giver can hope for us simply to understand, forgive, move on, and be more careful next time. The worst thing is to allow the "taker"'s action to destroy the giver's self-esteem.

Remember, the "taker" is a "taker! The Vintage "Taker" The "taker" on the other hand, generally will not reconcile. They'll avoid it, resist it, and distance themselves in any way possible to avoid it.

To them, there's no need to reconcile, become accountable, etc. After all, they have taken all they want. Besides, if they were to reconcile, they would have to change into a "giver. The Most Important Thing About Givers It is no surprise that the message of the Gospel is, in one sense, a message of converting "takers" into "givers.

The grace received is what "givers" pass on Givers know joy from the gift in Christ. Giving that joy to others perpetuates the experience of God's gift of joy in them. This continued practice of given and received grace is what helps them be so consistent, so supportive, so grace-driven in all their doings for Jesus Christ.

What Kind Of Givers?

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Takers distinction, however, is not so simple. Motivations for giving and taking are also an important consideration. One might ask, "Why do givers give?There is a reason why the biblical phrase “it is better to give than to receive” is so popular.

For a long time, authors described successful people in business as having talent and luck, but nowadays according to Adam Grant, they share another quality; they give back (Brandom, , para 1).

It’s not wrong to be a giver in a relationship when both are givers. But, when one is a taker, the giver tends to give up everything, including her dignity and self-esteem. But, when one is a taker, the giver tends to give up everything, including her dignity and self-esteem. Essay compare and contrast givers and takers  Givers versus Takers Givers versus Takers There is a reason why the biblical phrase "it is better to give than to receive" is so popular.


Givers versus takers essay

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