First day 5th grade writing activities

Though they may have enjoyed their summer vacations, the back-to-school season brings the opportunity to see beloved friends again and to get a fresh start.

First day 5th grade writing activities

A few simple classroom management ideas for how rubrics can be used. Plan a Scavenger Hunt This could involve students searching the classroom to find things like the pencil sharpener or the hall pass, or it could ask them to discover which of their classmates took a long trip over the summer or who has a younger brother.

Assess Learning Styles or Multiple Intelligences For older students, the first day of school can be a great chance to find out more about how they learn.

first day 5th grade writing activities

There are many different learning style inventories available online. Find out the many different ways your students are smart by having them complete a multiple intelligences assessment.

Have students share these results. Of course, the self-portrait will be most effective if you do one of yourself, too. Create a Time Capsule Have students create a sample of their current work -- for example, have students take a pre-test, write a paragraph or even video tape them reading aloud or speaking in a foreign language.

Introducing Your Subject s For some teachers, the first step is helping students to understand what they are going to learn this year.

Give them a series of true and false statements about the content of the course and have them guess the right answers. Or do a demonstration experiment and have students guess about the results.

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If you teach English, try this trick: You may get kids begging to start the book! Start with a Challenge This is especially effective for older students or for classes in which you want to set a specific tone. Give students an assignment that will really challenge them.

One drama teacher actually starts her beginning drama class by making students do an audition where they read a speech aloud in front of the class. If you teach an AP class, why not start the first day by giving the students part of a practice AP exam?

The students will see them soon enough — just jump right in! Begin with a Book This approach is especially effective for non-language arts teachers.

Find a book that puts a different spin on your subject and share it or part of it on the first day. Whatever method you choose, the first day of school offers a great opportunity to learn about your students and set the tone for a terrific school year!

What activities do you use on the first day of school?

first day 5th grade writing activities

Share in the comments section! From back to school games and activities to organizational tips and handy, turnkey lesson plans, TeachHUB.First Grade Writing Activities.

First grade is an exciting time as kids start to harness the power of their growing letter and word knowledge. They’ll love putting their new skills into practice with our first grade writing activities full of creative, hands-on projects, such as writing a concrete poem, creating handmade books, crafting postcards from Africa, and exploring writing with.

Fifth Grade First Day of School Activities. Give students six strips of colored paper (primary and secondary colors) and then ask them to arrange their rainbows with, for example, purple on top and red on the bottom.

Then, with black markers, ask them to label their rainbows by putting the name of their favorite subject on the top (purple). Fifth Grade Writing Activities. Fifth grade students need a little creative license when it comes to how they practice their writing skills.

The First Week of Fifth Grade | Life in Fifth Grade

Sentence stretchers, acrostics, and spelling games are just some of the many fifth grade writing activities has created and offers below. 51 Back-to-School Writing Prompts for Students. When kids go back to school, they have the chance to learn new lessons, set new goals, and achieve new levels of success.

The upcoming school year is full of possibility and the potential for kids to do and be anything. In these 51 new writing prompts. Aug 13,  · I'm a first year teacher this year, and have searched far and wide trying to find some great activities for my students to do on their first day of school.

I . Jul 27,  · The First Week of Fifth Grade. I require all students to be reading a "chapter book" at all times and we won't visit the school library until the first full week, so a trip to the classroom library is a must!

We are a chrome book classroom, so we'll be going over technology procedures and getting logged into our accounts.

Free 5th Grade Activities – Fun and Printable Activities for Fifth Graders