Ethnology research paper

To make effective use of our map requires at least 37 "recent" Y-chromosome markers rather than the 12 ancient ones revealed by basic haplogroup tests, and SNP or subclade identification. Popular Perceptions and misperceptions "Racialist" descriptions of perceived "racial" characteristics of so-called sub-races Pontids, Dinarics, Mediterranids, Armenids, Saharids, Arabids, and so forth are still entertained in certain quarters. Viewed in terms of the human genome, race as the term is commonly used and understood is a relatively insignificant or at best superficial and arbitrary consideration, and we are already seeing more reliance on purely genetic identification.

Ethnology research paper

Research Statement I continue to try to leverage observations of foraging and social strategies among hunter-gatherers to help explain what happened in human evolution. For example, two current collaborative projects are 1 modeling life history evolution in our lineage and 2 measuring aspects of aging in captive chimpanzees.

Both build on previous work on life history evolution that began with ethnographic findings in two large field projects studying the behavioral ecology of hunter-gatherer populations, one the Ache of eastern Paraguay and the other the Hadza of northern Tanzania.

Results of our Ethnology research paper quantitative observations suggested that, contrary to long-standing expectations, men's hunting was aimed more at status competition than at provisioning mates and offspring.

Ethnology research paper

Grandmothers played the key role in providing for youngsters when the mothers of those youngsters bore their next baby. These findings, combined with theory about mammalian life history evolution, indicated that the provisioning role played by grandmothers might explain the evolution of human longevity.

That grandmother hypothesis highlights key differences in life history between people and our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, including the substantially greater longevity in humans - even though female fertility ends at about the same age in both species - and the strongly male biased sex ratio in the fertile ages that is a distinctive feature of human populations.

Mathematical modeling confirms the plausible role of helpful grandmothering and its consequences for male biased sex ratios. Each likely had profound effects on the fevolution of human social behavior. I continue both the modeling collaborations and also data collection and analysis aimed at improving quantitative measures of aging in captive chimpanzees for comparison with measures made on people.

Jane B Hart Lecture. Iowa State Lectures Program. Ames IA October 26 https:Native American tradition combined with scientific decoding methods indicate that "rock art" is really a sophisticated form of writing.

The life-long research into Native American petroglyphs by LaVan Martineau, an orphan adopted into the Paiute tribe of southeastern Nevada and southwestern Utah, has resulted in detailed interpretations of the rock writings. I'm working on human life history evolution guided by the hypothesis that grandmothering is a fundamental shift in our genus underlying a suite of features that distinguish humans from other great apes.

Current efforts include 1) collaborations in mathematical modeling and 2) data collection to improve estimates of ovarian and somatic aging in our closest living relatives, chimpanzees. To aid the reader, the paper is structured in three discrete sections: the conceptualisation of event tourism and then progress in the research literature and then a model of the event tourism system: We commence the first section by discussing the epistemology and ontology of event tourism to outline some of the key propositions around events tourism so as to highlights it significance to.

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This article reviews ‘event tourism’ as both professional practice and a field of academic study. The origins and evolution of research on event tourism are pinpointed through both chronological and thematic literature reviews.

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