Cafs study notes hsc

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Cafs study notes hsc

July 31, Leave a comment The growing culture of sharing amongst teachers always continues to amaze us. Teachers are the greatest advocates for the profession, they are the strongest support for each other and they continue to promote and encourage professional growth through their connections and collaborations.

Changing technologies and educational reforms have opened the door to new ways of connecting and collaborating. Support for teachers was imperative for the effective implementation of the amended course. The CAFS Network is facilitated by two experienced educators who use their own time to build and nurture a state-wide culture of sharing.

The Network offers not only support for teaching and learning, but it also provides a sense of belonging and connection to a community of CAFS teachers who share a similar vision and passion for the subject.

CAFS Study Notes - Sharing Tips & Ideas

Since then Kim has developed a strong passion for the subject and has worked in a variety of roles to provide ongoing support for CAFS.

Kim has both presented and developed enrichment day workshops as a way of enhancing her knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching the subject. This allowed her to support teachers and students of CAFS through moderating the HSC online forums, creating teaching and learning materials for HSC online, providing advice on programming and assessment and developing and delivering professional learning workshops for teachers.

Through her experiences Kim has developed a vast array of knowledge, experience and skills to provide support to both new and experienced CAFS teachers throughout NSW.

Cafs study notes hsc

The wiki was a platform for teacher collaboration in programming and assessment and an avenue for collegial discussion. The value of the space was apparent, engaging over members by Since then multiple commitments and balancing work and family has made the administration of the wiki difficult.

Administration and moderation of any online space is important to keep people feeling connected, supported and interested in the value of the space.

Kim saw the opportunity to collaborate with Kelly Bell, another passionate and experienced educator, to administer and build a network as an ideal way to continue the support for teachers of CAFS across NSW. Kelly is passionate about e-learning, innovative curriculum development and dynamic teaching and learning.

Kelly is the co-author of the Nelson Community and Family Studies textbook that supports the amended syllabus. Through her extensive interaction with teachers of CAFS, Kelly identified the need for an avenue for active support and networking. There was a need to network, share and support CAFS teachers to improve their practice with the result of improving learning outcomes for students.

The Facebook page quickly grew in popularity as it was shared, tagged and promoted through sectors and associations.

The Facebook page reflected changing technologies and the move of many teachers to use social media as a form of professional learning and a way of connecting and networking with other teachers.

Kelly saw it as an opportunity to reduce the need for teachers to actively seek pages and spaces but rather allow ideas, strategies and resources to appear in their newsfeed everyday while they were already interacting with Facebook. The monthly Q and A and regular discussion topics offer insights into pedagogical practice and profiles the knowledge and expertise of existing members.He said he revised his notes every Monday during the final term of year 12 and the study technique clearly paid off.

The Harrington Park resident said CAFS was one of her favourite HSC subjects and she chose it for the practical elements of the course. Five local students have blitzed the competition and recorded first places in five.

Nelson Community and Family Studies Prelim and HSC. By Allison Beattie, Beth Girvan, Bronwyn Rayner, Kate Rayner, Kelly Bell | Copyright Year: | ISBN Group Study Core Students. Homeless students tackling the HSC. Clare Roden.

Cafs study notes hsc

ASCSC HSC CAFS Cat A Homeless. Cats Gatos Cat Kitty Cats Kitty. share image. HSC CAFS Notes. N M. Cafs work option. from HSC CAFS Notes. Australian Curriculum, Newcastle, Studying, Assessment, Teaching Ideas, Core, University, Learning, Colleges.

CAFS Study Notes - Research Methodology Methodologies: Quantitative research Collects numerical data that can be quantified. Research with numbers. Focus on measuring, collecting and drawing relationships through statistical analysis and experimentation.

E.g.: . HSC CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS NOTES – ANDREW HARVEY iii web sites, conference proceedings, journal articles, past HSC exams, past HSC notes from the Marking Centre and many other sources.

If you find any aspects which are study guides such as these syllabus notes.

CAFS Research Methodology Study Notes - Google Docs

In this stage you should begin to understand much of the. HSC CAFS Study Notes. Community and Family Studies. 52 Pages HSC - Higher School Certificate Year 12 Complete Study Notes Year: Comprehensive band 6 study notes for CAFS including Research Methodology, Groups in Context, Parenting and Caring and option topic Family and Societal Interactions.

I received a 95 for the course using these notes.

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