Aim of life 4

April 1st, Meaning of Life Life is a continuous progress.

Aim of life 4

A man without an aim cannot succeed. He cannot achieve his goal. In fact, it is an aim that makes a man active. The aim of my life is to become a doctor.

There is a reason why I have chosen this career. Once one of my classmates fell it. As he was poor, he could not get proper medical aid. His condition grew worse day by day. When I went so see him, he looked at me helplessly.

After a few days of illness, he died. It gave me a terrible shock.

Dec 28,  · Life doesn't have a is just the result of the activity of innumerable particles and waves.A plug has a purpose - to stop water going down a other words a plug is something that yields a result that humans want it to would have a purpose if living things were doing something that a creator wanted them to do - just. One should consider his strength and weakness before he settles the aim of his life. I have analysed both of the sides. The following strengths run in favor of my aim. I have very strong position in controlling situation and score well in all subjects particularly in science and mathematics. The category of "life in general" consists of changes in lifestyle, embracing life, life is precious, sense of purpose, look at life differently, and the NDE is a catalyst for change.

I began to think about the suffering of people. I decided to become a doctor and do some service to the sick people. I will study hard to qualify myself as a doctor. When I become a qualified doctor I will move to the country side and set up a dispensary there. I am sorry to say that doctors wish to live in cities.

They do not feel that their need in villages is greater. But I would like to serve villages. I will work day and night to serve people.

I will keep in mind that people need consolation and sympathy more than medicine. I will not be money minded. I find that doctors have lost reputation because they are money minded. They have brought bad name to this noble profession. But I will not charge fee from poor patients.

Aim - Change 4 Life

I hope my dispensary will be model for others doctors. They must realise that there is a greater need of doctors in village. Real India lives in villages. If health of villages is neglected, our country cannot make progress. Doctors must go to villages and nurse the suffering people crying for help.Welcome to week four of four in our exploration of restoring lost faith.

This has been a really powerful series.

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Your feedback has been tremendous, saying that “this is right on time, Victoria,” “oh my goodness, are you following me around your inside my head,” so on and so forth. Your primary aim in life is the answer to four crucial questions about your goals, values and aspirations.

What is the purpose of my life? Discover your purpose with free online teaching from Pastor Rick Warren. Chapter Summary. Today's Message. Where to find the hope you need. Is there any hope? Is life worth living? Join Pastor Rick as he examines these important questions and uncovers the answers in God’s name for Himself, Jehovah Shammah.

The Buddhist sūtras and tantras do not speak about "the meaning of life" or "the purpose of life", but about the potential of human life to end suffering, for example through embracing (not suppressing or denying) cravings and conceptual attachments.

The 4 Aims of Life. While there are thousands and millions of different activities we can do, there are really only 4 aims or motivations.

Aim of life 4

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