A comparison of inferno by dante and the garden of earthly delights printed by hieronymus bosch

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A comparison of inferno by dante and the garden of earthly delights printed by hieronymus bosch

A comparison of inferno by dante and the garden of earthly delights printed by hieronymus bosch

Index Has it ever been your experience, as it has mine, that after spending long hours turning over a collection of bawdy printsyou fall into a great spell of melancholy? It is a mixture of pleasure and pain, a vinegar for which the lips are always athirst!

The pleasure Lies in your seeing represented m ad its forms that most important of natural feelings - and the anger in findin g it so badly copied or so stupidly slandered. The earliest erotic scenes in Greek art, dating from about the middle of the sixth century bc, are vase paintings of Bacchic riots.

Their natural sexual partners are nymphs and animals, creatures of the woods like themselves, and there is an Eretrian amphora in the National Museum at Athens showing a wonderfully dynamic and graceful satyr copulating with a doe, and a famous and much less attractive Roman sculpture of Pan penetrating a goat in the National Museum of Naples.

The reclining Leda, with the swan between her legs, which so captivated Michelangelo, appears later, in Hellenistic art.

Once the illustration of erotic themes was established in Greek art the importance of religious and mythical motivations dwindled and the vast bulk of Greek erotic art deals with the actions of real rather than mythical people.

This new iconography emerges in the late archaic period after about bcis characterized by a particular social setting, the banquet or symposium, and, not surprisingly perhaps, appears almost exclusively on wine cups. An example is a red figure cup by the Thalia painter in Berlin, which on the outside has a frieze showing ten men and seven women in a variety of amorous attitudes: He is evidently preparing to perform cunnilingus, something rarely depicted in Greek art.

The mxale participants in these scenes appear to belong to the upper classes and the women are presumably high-class courtesans of elegance and inteUigence. This is not always the case, however, in these wine cup friezes: There are homo- erotic scenes, such as the painting by Peitinos on a cup in Berlin of four young men dehcately dallying with adolescent boys, yet even here the scene on the other side of the cup shows similar young men, this time in the company of women.

There seems to be no explanation for this. During the classical period of Greek art from approximately bc the frequency of erotic representations declines, they change in character and aie also found on a variety of other types of pottery besides drinking cups, as well as on objects such as mirror cases.

Ancient sources also mention independent erotic paintings probably done on small tablets at this time. In classical period erotic art there are usually only two participants, and whereas in archaic orgy scenes the sexual acts seem to be taking place on an impersonal, purely genital, level, in classical art there is an emotional element, an element of tenderness and feeling: In, for example, the red figure jug by the Shuvalov painter in Berlin a pretty and very young couple are shown naked, about to make love: The tenderness of this painting is present in perhaps even greater measure in three other extant works: All show the same act, a man penetrating a woman from behind, both fa rin g front, so that the genital areas are fully exposed, but all three show the couple kissing and this gives them a lyrical and celebratory quality.

During the Hellenistic and Roman period, frequency of erotic representation again began to rise and reached a peak under the Roman Empire.

Quality, how- ever, declined and the erotic art of this period takes on a popular character since the typical vehicle became the terracotta oil lamp - a simple everyday utensil - and the various representations of the sexual act shown on these lamps amount to a catalogue of sexual positions entirely lacking the psychological element present in classical art.

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An exception to this is the pottery decorated with erotic reliefs made at Arezzo which was of high quahty and exported all over the Roman Empire.

Erotic scenes also appear extensively on Roman medallions and carved on gem stones.Garden Of Earthly Delights Erotic Art Art World Hieronymus Bosch Paintings Pieter Bruegel Old Art Triptych Dutch Painters Medieval Hieronymus Bosch Luigi Tim Burton Collages Codex Seraphinianus Codex Gigas The Stranger Book Voynich Manuscript Dantes Inferno Dante Alighieri Cartography Dungeons And Dragons Demonology Paradis Esoterica.

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even the Garden oj Delights of Hieronymus Bosch can be seen as an image of the universe transfigured by the commodity. Bosch transformed nature into" speciality. Dante had nestled me into my bed, still in my party clothes, and flipped off the light, saying something that I heard only muffled, but that seemed to be a promise to check on me in the morning.

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My head was a lead weight crushing the pillow. Now that I was in bed, my body completely dropped its defenses. There were booksellers offering the new printed books, of which the other apprentices told me eagerly, explaining the marvelous invention of the printing press, which had only lately made it possible for men far and wide to acquire not only books of letters and words but books of drawn pictures as well.

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